Swarovski CL Curio 7x21 Binoculars

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Swarovski CL Curio 7x21 Binoculars

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Swarovski CL Curio 7×21 Binoculars

The Swarovski CL Curio 7×21 binoculars are a consolidation of timeless, elegant design with functional ergonomics. Designed by the award-winning Marc Newson, the CL Curio binoculars are the lightest and most compact in their range.

As the lightest and most compact binoculars in their range, the CL Curio’s are the perfect companion for tours, travel adventures and leisure activities. Weighing only 250g, their foldable bridge design is easy to handle and carry with you anywhere. Intuitive operation meets viewing comfort with the CL Curio 7×21 binoculars. Despite their compact design the CL Curio’s are powerful. Experience the impressive 135m field of view in high contrast and sharp optics. Expect the unexpected with this beautiful pair of binoculars that will turn every sighting into a unique revelation.

The Swarovski CL Curio 7×21 binoculars have been designed by award-winning designer Marc Newson. The design, which is available in both burnt orange and anthracite black, marries timeless, elegant and simple styling with functionality and ergonomics. These binoculars will not only feel fantastic in your hand but will look stylish at the same time. Ideal for nature enthusiasts who appreciate aesthetics and clean design, enjoy these binoculars that will bring you closer to the beauty of nature.