Nissin Light Shaping Kit


Nissin Light Shaping Kit

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This Nissin Light Shaping Kit comprises a snoot, beauty dish and grid reflector complete with a special adapter to ensure compatibility and best fit with any Nissin flashgun.

The kit can be used to created specialist lighting effects for more stylised, striking images that are full of atmosphere. The snoot can be used to give you a smaller area of coverage with less light spread and more defined edges. It gives a harder quality of light for a high-contrast image with precisely directed light and shadow. For a softer edge to the light, it also comes with a removable honeycomb disc.

Also part of the kit is a grid reflector with soft cover and honeycomb disc – this versatile accessory still gives the light better direction, but bounces it around giving a softer edge which fades out rapidly as it moves away from the centre point. Use the reflector to precisely light your subject, and use the light spread created by the grid to illuminate objects close to the subject without blowing them out or detracting from the subject.

When used without the honeycomb, the grid reflector doubles as a beauty dish, which can be used for portraiture. It generates an even light that is harder and more directional than a softbox, and creates a distinctive catch light in the eye of the subject. The rapid fade out of light from the centre helps to sculpt the face and show texture in the skin.

This light shaping kit is a must-have for photographers shooting portraits, allowing them to manipulate the powerful light output from Nissin’s flashguns to create more tailored, bespoke lighting set ups for outstanding images.