Nissin Air 1 Di700A Flash Gun


Nissin Air 1 Di700A Flash Gun

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The Nissin Di700A Flashgun is a flash unit for cameras with iTTL functionality.  This flash has a guide number of 177' at ISO 100 in the 200mm position for illuminating subjects within a wide zoom range of 24 to 2000mm. This bundle comes complete with the Air 1 Commander from Nissin which utilizes 2.4 GHz radio transmission with a 98' range to grant reliable wireless triggering without need for line-of-sight. Also, the Commander can control the power and zoom settings for flashes in 8 channels and 3 groups as well as transmit exposure compensation settings from -2 to +2 EV.

The selector dial and colourful LED control panel are clear and easily operated, there are also sockets for PC and 3.5mm sync. The head can rotate and pivot and also features rotating lock release buttons. 

The Di700A Supports Canon E-TTL/ E-TTL II, Nikon i-TTL and Sony ADI/ P-TTL. Various slave settings offer flexible wireless flash combination.