Rollei Rolleicord III TLR Camera


Rollei Rolleicord III TLR Camera

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Rollei Rolleicord III TLR Camera. The Rolleicord III was produced from 1950 till 1953. About 87.000 units were made.

It is a medium format TLR camera that uses 120 type Rollfilm. 12 6x6cm square images can be captured for each roll of 120 film. It features a Xenar 75mm f3.5 lens and Compur-Rapid shutter.

By using an optional Rolleikin 1 adapter 35mm film cartridges can be used. There is also a Plate adapter available which gives one 6x6 image on a 6.5x9cm size glassplate or filmsheet.

This camera is in very good condition, all settings working well, taking lens is clean and fungus free. The viewing lens has some dust spots but generally good.